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Chairs quiet street five days color slightly dignified elder god, my heart is also a little shock, this large column Sumeru magic really deserves Pacific weapon, under their joint efforts, even a little can not be completely suppressed. Su Xuan see that fierce offensive, the hand of a Young, saw the billowing blue water waves get their hands swept out from within, "Ling Zhu heavy water" to form a defense at the front. Animal husbandry and dust nodded, then raised his head, directed at sister named Enron cold smiles:"Do not change, and to my sister on the right wing also requested" Enron Dai Mei is wrinkled up. That is the spirit of the North Cang hospital days Xuan Su list ranking the third. The kind of great spiritual power wave, a wave of violent Bobby, to get later, almost as if the flood roaring, raging world, dazzling light, so that was originally dull world are once again restored and bright. Dean looked too pale to those excited students, helpless smile, immediately look fretting, saw in that many students, some people a little bit of silence, it is the common people Shen, Li Xuan Tong, cranes and other original North pale demon hospital The top student, who was once a college man, but now seem to be increasingly light dust, animal husbandry surpassed even concealed.

In this around, everyone looked at this scene, are sweating cold sweat, dust, animal husbandry look back look extraordinarily fear and fear, who would have thought, this looks very young boy, under the hands, actually It is so fierce. In the top of the abyss that has some vague figure, one of them, dressed in a white robe, his white hair, remarks appearance, and that was actually the Supreme Bailong General Mo Yang. However, just as he swept the top of the pillars, one will be arrested and brought into the hands of the white youngsters when Lengheng of a sound, it was like thunder in general, in which resounded through the sky overhead. "Ah, but it is not in our North Cang community" Luo glass nodded, field test in the north of this boundary similar Cang, a total of four, while Hong Yang is not the same with them. Sounded muffled, diffuse out of spiritual power fluctuations, dust, animal husbandry, the figure suddenly Zhenfei away, feet pour paint on the ground fired several hundred meters, just steady down, arms at a bit numb. caps from china

And in between his horror, dust, animal husbandry, but it is like a ghostly figure appeared in front of his body, Quanfeng he is whistling. "Summer sister Rest assured, if I do not think, then, will exit, will not give you drag" Grazing dust road. Maybe that breath to retain his job" Dust, animal husbandry, indifferent Road. That white tiger animal feet on the stars, the sky and shouts. cheap caps china Vague. caps china However, dust, animal husbandry and whom not to be relieved, jiu bird that is dignified voice sounded: "careful, this magic column is very general, and now I probably could not withstand it" "What?" Dust, animal husbandry, heart startled, even jiu bird will stop this strange magic column? This is something that really is what the hell ah.