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"Oh is that guy ah" Dong Yuan eyes of a blind, smiled and said: "It seems that you are not going to personally hand ah". "But I'm going to place, but also very dangerous, you follow me, fortune uncertain it" gentle woman gently Yi Tan, said. "Worthy of five homes, it really is a group of strong convergence ah" Husbandry dust smile, I really do not know when the hospital after five Exchange Conference, that this would be how busy? "Yes, but also to the north of Hong Yang Cang spiritual hospital" Luo glass suddenly said. Dust, animal husbandry, deadpan, no wind agitation robes fluttering sound, immediately taken the step, the whole body surging Black Thunder punch out. Golf spiritual power has been depleted. "There are other king me" smile dust, animal husbandry, the depths of the cold eyes swept some promise, no matter who, if you really think that he was expelled because of dust, animal husbandry, Hope Road, halfway able to step on his head, that he I do not mind let understand, Hope Road, empowerments, and did not give much advantage of their imagination. Could have come together fragmentation?" Candle day elders also sneer, he said.

Basilica quickly withdrew some distance away, and then the front of the still standing, only a handful of ten come. Therefore, no matter how Liu Ying hearts rage, are to be leisurely summer stare hesitant shot. Pool among lingxi slender eyelashes trembling slightly, immediately opened a little bit, that being beautiful eyes, filled with crystal tears, she gently spray paint to cheeks, muttering. caps china When they leave the dust, animal husbandry, North Cang Ling hospital, rushed to the Holy Spirit domain just consume small half-time, the speed, so that was some dust can not help wonder, animal husbandry, really worthy of the Supreme exist If the change is His words, even at full speed on their way, and probably have to take time day to arrive. This Long Jiao Ling ring atoms is the first body from the statue Grilled down, obviously, at this time it seems to have realized that familiar fluctuations, although it does nothing RSCG, but the kind of volatility, is enough to attract. Su Xuan gentle smile, said: "Because he did not care that the so-called list of the first day, and he probably does not want to seize the position of the common people sink between men, is always some sympathetic In particular, they are very good this man.

So two woman face, which is a lot of people get the itch, but people can come here, after all, is not a fool, although not courageous to come frivolous dalliance, but turning that vision seems to guess the animal husbandry Dust trio's identity. Hungary is considered by Guo and Li Qing totter. caps from china He taken the step, I could not help but to be shot. Around black basin, many desperate people looking for a time and then not random shot, they know, even that road lighting is not Bailong supreme, but to deny them is easy. Dust, animal husbandry perceived gaze, that magic day punishment is tilted his head, directed his indifferent smile, smile no intention to kill, but grazing is dust know, maybe this magic punishment days, he has been included in the kill list.