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Look, it seems like a like a dragon entrenched, guarding the world. Pale gold comes out, this mountain shines like gold Suozhu general, dust, animal husbandry, keeping a close eye that a few drops of golden blood, although not too amazing spiritual power fluctuations that comes out, but he was You can feel faint within a few drops of blood that contains the essence of the forces of terror. And obviously, the magic dragon left guard, is holding such a thought, but for bright white cave can not defy, only Ann resistant immediately unhappy with some impatience, stay here. "Animal husbandry dust brother" Not far away there is a tender voice heard, herd dust and looked and saw children have also come to shoot here, at her side, a snow white dress, Qiaolian resist a thousand miles with indifference The same lingxi actually appeared. And just when it pulled into the black stone flower mandala, which I saw was beautiful blossoming petals suddenly rising, above the petals, light grain flow, Pushe, into a road purple light pattern chains, constantly winding tied on that black magic column. White Xuan sharp eyes, it touches aware of these, but he was cold smile, not too much care.

That overwhelming figure, and instantly broke into permanent ancient Holy Mountain quiet forever. "With you, I want to stop me?" White Xuan looked at the offensive collision between the eyes sneer even more, his hand suddenly grip and saw it was blood-red python is loud shouts, that evil spirits, suddenly soared. But this stalemate, but not for the purposes of good animal husbandry dust, that demon of the gas is too overbearing, if it has been present in the body, and that his body would cause no small damage, so he must be resolved as soon as possible out of this stalemate. caps for sale online Also Liu Ying also at this side of the eyes narrowed slightly, eyes shadow while Senleng. Thus, when the time lasted approximately two weeks after the dust finally withstand grazing and humble heart, to the brook where the frequency is lowered down, he was not indecisive person, but he saw no way in lingxi beautiful cheeks as he becomes a little pale and feeble, it is indifferent.

Violent spiritual power fluctuations swept off some unlucky guy shook vomiting is directly backwards. "Animal husbandry dust, we meet again" He directed husbandry dust laugh, laughter in the forceful spiritual power package, rumbling in the air this spread, so too many eyebrows over freshmen. caps for sale " Lingxi temper indifference, to alert others have a deep and distant, dust, animal husbandry, not narcissistic, he understood, if not for his mother's reasons for this layer, perhaps now the brook, is still frosty to him, not to mention use This will damage their way to help him. Someone along the way to see this scene, also Haide quickly retreated, roots can not stop, let that person quickly away a stone. "This guy really is a rare blood again. Dust, animal husbandry, the fight looked up at Long Jiao midair.